Preschool Education

Sprout Preschool Education Program
Early Childhood Development Initiative for Migrant Children

United Way is partnering with Shanghai Charity Foundation in the Sprout program --- focuses on improving early childhood education quality for migrant workers’ children age 3-6 in Shanghai.

We are focusing on bringing impact to 45 pre-schools, 22,500 migrant children in Min-hang district through collaborating with local government, education bureau, business, NGOs and individuals.

  • Sprout program provides training to teachers, supplements teaching facilities and toys, builds up children’s reading interests through Read Learn Succeed ®, and also creates opportunity for employee to volunteer in their neighborhood
  • Corporation and its employee can help the children covered by Sprout program by: Volunteer, Give and Advocate.
    1. Corporation can pair with pre-schools and the employees can volunteer and read books for children (or conduct other creative activities designed by employee themselves)
    2. Corporation can invest in enhancing the overall conditions across the 45 pre-schools OR donate to specific pairing schools.

We also need your voices to help spread the importance of Early Childhood Education among migrant parents and the general public.