Our Council

To improve lives in the areas of education, income and health, United Way Worldwide and Shanghai Charity Foundation created the Shanghai Charity Foundation – United Way (Shanghai) Fund with a Corporate Advisory Council to oversee the fund. The role of the Council is to guide the development of social initiatives and to ensure transparency and effective usage of the fund.

The chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Council will be elected by the Council members. The chairperson shall be a reputable and influential entrepreneur or head of a NGO who works in Shanghai. The term for chairperson and vice-chairperson is 2 years and can be re-elected. The vice-chairperson assists the chairperson. If for some reason the Chair cannot complete his/her term, the Vice Chair will become Chair.

Duty of the Council

Make recommendations on charitable project development, helps choose project and supervise the implementation of the project;

Make introduction to new potential donors and asks for their support. Steward the Fund, reviews and approves the Fund’s allocation. Supervise the daily work of the Fund.

Duty of the Chairman

Call and Chair at least three Council member meetings per year;

Appoint Office Director based on the Council’s decision and decide important affairs of the Fund;

Organize voting to elect Council members, Chair and Vice-Chair.