Elder Care

Community Care for the Elderly Alzheimer's Sufferers

In recent years, the number of individuals with Alzheimer's disease has increased year over year. China now has an average of 300,000 new cases of Alzheimer’s annually. With numbers like this, it is a startling reality that many people lack awareness of dementia-related diseases. Uninformed families miss the early warning signs of dementia causing delays in treatment. Families often times find themselves ill-equipped to address the real hardships associated with dementia-related diseases, causing great emotional and financial strain.

This project targets seniors living in the Chang Ning District. The plan is to educate the public, and provide professional training for family members of individuals suffering from the effects of Alzheimer's. After screening the community situation, and in accordance with requirements, the project will provide various forms of services for elderly Alzheimer's sufferers. The project projected to run for 3 years.

Our Goals

Improve community awareness of Alzheimer;

Better equip the public to recognize the early warning signs of Alzheimer, thereby improving early treatment rates;

Provide caregivers with professional training and psychological support, helping them master the necessary care skills needed to maintain a healthy state of mind;

To an extent, reduce the burden on families affected by Alzheimer's, and help improve their quality of life.